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Do you play an instrument? Enjoy showtunes and soundtracks? Why not come along and give us a try! We welcome enquiries from anyone interested in playing with us, in particular:

- Strings (esp. Viola, Cello & Bass), 

- Oboe, Bassoon, Saxophones (Tenor, Bari)

- French Horn, Trombone, Tuba

- Percussion.


If you fancy joining us, please contact us so we can confirm if a space is available and we know when to expect you, as well as give you any additional information. Don't forget to bring a music stand and a soft pencil – the orchestra does not provide these.


All members are required to pay a subscription fee per term, which goes towards the hire of music, the church and various other admin costs. The amount can vary each term, but it is usually around £50. This can be paid by bank transfer (account details are provided by the orchestra’s treasurer).

Our music is hired from various sources and takes up a large part of our budget. Please take care of the parts and mark any notations only in pencil, never ink. Copies are available to take home for practice but these must be signed out and returned each week. If you take music but cannot then attend the following week you MUST return it to one of the committee (or fellow player) before the next rehearsal. At the end of every concert, all original music parts must be returned; please do not take home and keep any original parts.

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